Summer Full Cover


Air Conditioner Covers.This is the only ac cover that keeps the inside and outside completely unclogged from leaves and debris summer/all year (even when air conditioner is in use)……. Can be used for heater/pool pumps as well. When leaves or debris decay they give off acidic gases that eat at your a/c unit’s copper tubing, by making small holes that allow freon to escape, causing your compressor to fail. Our covers extend the life of your unit by preventing rusting of parts by moisture being trapped inside . Trapped moisture is the main cause of failure to electronics, electrical connections, switches and metal parts. PremierAcCovers are durable and made of tough, synthetic fabric, pvc-coated polyester. 1/4 inch mesh,We offer a “Full 5 year manufacturer’s warranty100% satisfaction guarantee within 30 days or we will refund your purchase price including shipping, Directions for quick and easy installation, are included. Each cover has a buckle and strap for easy access and secure attachment around tubing/electrical connections.


Custom Size

If a custom size is needed order a size larger and put the measurements in the box below. Width + Length + Depth. For additional information on how to measure your unit please refer to our Instructions page.

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  • Provides full protection from leaves and debris buildup in your ac unit.
  • PremierAcCovers Summer/All season full covers are made of heavy duty long lasting, open mesh material.
  • Our Summer/All season covers may be left on while the unit is running.
  • This cover CAN be customized FREE of charge. Please order one size larger and email us the size needed
  • Full 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Additional information

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2 in

36x36x35, 32x32x32, 28x28x28, 24x24x24


Black, Grey


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